Keith Cain

About Us

The founder of G.H.O.S.T. Veterans, Keith Cain, has had this vision since 2013. After discharging from the service he quickly realized the value of the brotherhood that is created through military service. When that camaraderie and sense of belonging became absent he lost sight of everything that once made him thrive.

The stressors of combat as well as adapting to this new world of civilian life placed him down a dark path. Issues with depression, alcohol, and self medicating soon replaced his natural drive for positive endeavors, and his life became destructive and unmanageable. He realized he needed to make a change. And he did.

His focused turned to healthy and adventurous goals. Pushing both physical and mental limits.  This forced his mind off the negative turmoil and into a positive direction. Keith sought after other veterans that were like minded and enjoyed both physical activities as well as the outdoors, seeking new and exciting challenges. The idea was then formed to create a community of Veterans to reduce the stressors and improve the lives of discharged service members. Today, that vision is now a reality.