Simply put, the struggle is real!  It's not easy transitioning from the service to the civilian world.  Can you believe civilians don't muster in the morning?  A knife hand is considered assault?  It's a wild new set of rules to acclimate too.  It is however easy to plug into a community of Veterans to make fun and light of this new land and set of rules.  Plus, every community needs a nice flow of FNG's.  So Welcome. 


At GHOST, being physically fit, active, and healthy is essential.  It just helps everything.  Plus, is their a better ways of bonding than through mutual suffering?  Pain retains boys, pain retains...  We challenge ourselves both mentally and physically so when we are faced with stressors of life we can rely again on our brothers around us, and healthy options to alleviate, reduce, and effectively solve problems that cause stress.

GAINING HONOR OVER STRESS & TRAUMA: We provide a recovery program for veterans with co-occuring PTSD and substance abuse.


Want to tackle a life goal?  Finally ready to train for that Marathon? Half marathon?  Triathlon?   Hike the Appalachian Trail, or Swim a mile?  We not only want to help, but we want to hear about it!  This is what life is about, challenge yourself. 

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